About Easysoft

Business decision makers where possible will try to choose the best quality tools for the job to ensure reliable, robust and responsive systems and the same criteria should apply to the choice of data access tools.

This measure of reliability and robustness when coupled with the performance and functionality of Easysoft's range of data access middleware presents a compelling reason to choose us for your data connectivity needs.

With over 20 years experience in the data access space, our software offers real time access to your data, enabling you to be agile and responsive while helping you to level the playing field when competing against better resourced, larger competitors.

As one of the most experienced and trusted names in data access middleware, we have a wealth of experience in providing middleware for those transaction processing, integration or business intelligence projects where fast efficient access to your data is vital.

We recognise that selecting inferior middleware, often due to time or financial constraints, can end up being an expensive omission rather than the result of good decision making, so we make all our software available for evaluation.

Installed and configured within minutes, you are able to quickly and effectively test our solutions within your own environment to enable you to make that informed choice.

When purchasing our software, you are joining a long list of organisations based in diverse locations all over world, from small start up businesses to global conglomerates, many are instantly recognizable household names, who have all selected Easysoft's range of ODBC and JDBC drivers as their choice of middleware offering a compelling blend of performance, functionality and value — a key component in enabling you to drive your business forward.

Our software offers:

A range of ODBC & JDBC drivers, bridges and gateways, second to none.