Easysoft Competitive Upgrade Offer

Using Progress DataDirect ODBC Drivers for Oracle®, SQL Server or Sybase? Move to Easysoft and see how much money you can save!

At Easysoft, we understand that moving from an installed product to a new one can be troublesome. Rarely is it a problem of technical complexity, feature sets or even an understanding that the new product is more beneficial, but more an issue of inertia.

However, we believe that we can offer a considerable cost saving on your current DataDirect licenses and support and maintenance renewal simply by switching to a comparable Easysoft product for Oracle®, SQL Server or Sybase. And when you couple this with no downside in either software performance or functionality, we believe that we have a compelling reason for you to move to Easysoft.

How to qualify:

To apply, please contact , and you will be contacted by the Sales team with details on how to proceed.

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