Easysoft Licensing User Guide - Glossary

Terms and definitions

Authorization code

    You must have an authorization code for the Easysoft product you wish to license in order to obtain a purchased license. When you purchase a product your authorization code is emailed to you. You do not need an authorization code to obtain a trial license.


    A process performing tasks local to the current user, for example, formatting and displaying a report from data retrieved from the server.


    The architecture whereby one process (the server) keeps track of global data, and another task (the client) is responsible for formatting and presenting the data. The client connects to the server and requests queries or actions be performed on its behalf. Often these processes run on different hosts across a local-area network.


    To retrieve data from a remote machine (or the Internet) to your local machine. Mechanisms for achieving this include FTP and the World Wide Web.


    File Transfer Protocol - a standard method of transferring files between different machines.


    A computer visible on the network.


    HyperText Transfer Protocol. The means of transferring web pages.


    Software that is placed between the client and the server to improve or expand functionality.

License key

    A string which is provided by Easysoft for use in the licensing process.


    A computer, or host, on the network, designed for power and robustness rather than user-friendliness and convenience. Servers typically run around-the-clock and carry central corporate data.


    A process performing the centralized component of some task, for example, extracting information from a corporate database.


    Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol - a standard method of accessing data on different machines.