Easysoft Licensing User Guide - Introduction

How to license Easysoft products

Most Easysoft products cannot be used until they have been licensed.

This section describes the different elements of Easysoft licensing and how they work.

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How licensing works

Easysoft product licenses are generated and managed using the License Server and the License Manager:

Trial and purchased licenses

Easysoft products cannot be used until you have licensed them.

The following types of license are available:

A trial or purchased product license can be obtained either during installation or by running the License Manager seperately later.

You cannot obtain a purchased license until you have received an authorization code (see Authorization codes).

Also, depending on how you apply for a trial or purchased license, you may need to supply a machine number (see Machine numbers) to Easysoft and apply the license key (see License keys) to activate the license.


At the discretion of Easysoft, customers obtaining trial licenses are provided with support during their evaluation period from the Easysoft Support team at support@easysoft.com. Support contracts for purchased licenses can be purchased by contacting Easysoft Sales team via sales@easysoft.com.

Authorization codes

An authorization code represents a product code and number of licensed connections purchased. It is not specific to any one machine (see Machine numbers).

To obtain a purchased license for a product you must have an authorization code, which is emailed to you when you purchase the product (either from the Easysoft web site at http://www.easysoft.com or by contacting the Easysoft Sales team via sales@easysoft.com).

You do not need an authorization code to obtain a trial license.


Some Easysoft Data Access products consist of multiple components, so a single authorization code can result in multiple licenses, one for each component of the product.

Machine numbers

No trial or purchased license can be generated until the Easysoft License Server has received the machine number of the machine on which the software is installed.

License keys

The Easysoft License Server generates a license key when it has received either your authorization code (for purchased licenses) or your machine number (for trial and purchased licenses).

The license key must then be applied on the machine where the software is installed (note that in the case of client-server software that the license is always installed on the server machine):

Once the license key has been applied, you can begin using the software.


Operating system upgrades or certain hardware changes (such as replacing the network card) nullify licenses and require new ones to be requested.

Before you begin

Before you license a product, you must know:

When you have this information, go to the licensing section which is relevant to you:

Under Windows:

Under Unix: