Easysoft Training

You are currently using Easysoft's industry leading data access middleware to provide that vital connectivity between your applications and your database. Ensuring that the data reaches the systems and staff that need it is your goal. But are you getting the most out of the software?

Easysoft can offer training on all of our software products and the technologies that they use, ensuring a rapid increase in your knowledge of the middleware layer you have deployed.

Our training can be either generic, giving you a greater insight into ODBC and JDBC, and how databases, middleware and applications all come together or specifically tailored to your Easysoft product and the database / applications being connected (for example linking databases such as Oracle® and SQL Server via ODBC).

We can offer flexible training programs that are:

Easysoft training is the best way to ensure your technical personnel have the skills and knowledge they need to implement, maintain and troubleshoot their Easysoft implementation. If you feel your business could benefit from some additional product / technology tutoring, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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